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Better Late Than…

Released 2003

"A collection of moody, humorous and eclectic folk songs, beautifully sung by a seasoned singer-songwriter whose gorgeous vocal stylings of original and traditional songs will make you laugh and cry.

"This is one of the few albums I would recommend across the board to anyone who loves the genre. The songs are a treat to listen to, running the gamut from the sweet and sensitive to the toe tapping and humorous. this album is the product of a sophisticated musician/songwriter and is sure to delight anyone with an auditory canal..."

    - Greg Chambers


Track Listings

1.   Going Somewhere

2.   Pessimistic Ballad

3.   Where Were You?   

4.   Film Noir   

5.   L.A. Pickup with Screenplay 

6.   Venezuela 

7.   Thorns on the Rose 

8.   Shenandoah 

9.   Lions 

10. All Purpose Folk Song

Land of Beginning Again

Released 2006

Land of Beginning Again, my CD with guitar player Charlie "yes that's his real name" Brown, brings together jazz, folk and country influences – and even a little classical. The CD is a collaboration with Charlie, with four of my original songs, including the title song, and two of his, primarily instrumentals. He plays lead guitars, plus electric bass, Dobro and lap steel. Charlie and I met in New York a few decades ago, and he went on to a stellar career as a studio musician, as well as releasing two solo LP's on Polydor, and a CD, Ride in the Country. My first CD, Better Late Than... is folk oriented, while Land of Beginning Again has a more eclectic range of styles, and, I hope, expresses some of my feelings about regret, time passing and second chances.

Track Listings

1.   Comes Love

2.   Harry

3.   Ships

4.   Charlie's ‘Blue in G’

5.   Women Be Wise

6.   Beautiful

7.   Jump

8.   Lazy Afternoon

9.   Hesitation Blues

10. Flower Duet

11. One More (Land of Beginning Again)