What would you do if the love of your life….just vanished?

Set in the early 1970s, Bowl of Night is a sexy, suspenseful noir, a story of obsessive love and intrigue that sweeps us through London, Paris, and an increasingly volatile Iran.

Rebecca Bell is a struggling singer in New York when she falls in love with Harry, an international art dealer with a bucket of secrets. When Harry suddenly disappears, seemingly into thin air, Rebecca sets out on a lover's odyssey that will take her around the globe and into a dangerous world of mystery, betrayal, and rising extremism.

Praise for Bowl of Night

"Kathrin King Segal writes with the force, immediacy, and honesty of a punch to the throat. She grabs us in the first paragraph and never lets go. Her heroine is brash, smart, sexy, and utterly engaging. Imagine a young, female Philip Marlowe who takes no prisoners and gives no f**ks!"
– Allison Burnett, author of Undiscovered Gyrl and Death By Sunshine

"Kathrin King Segal's prose is a weapon of  blunt poetry-her voice is new to me and thrilling. Bowl of Night grabbed my heart by the throat and kept me enthralled for the entire read. I blame this book for keeping me from sleep, as I got as obsessed with finding Harry Lamb as her lead character Rebecca Bell, who finds herself on a perilous journey and an astonishing thrill ride. This author is a mistress of enticements, telling a story in the first person that will seduce women into feeling as crazy/alive as she is."
– Melanie Chartoff, actor/author Odd Woman Out

"The world of Bowl of Night is so wonderfully realized - its international destinations so vividly rendered - you can almost hear tortured heroine Rebecca Bell belting out her songs as she traipses across the globe in relentless pursuit of her missing love. A thrilling, globe-trotting mystery, driven by the biggest enigma of all, the human heart."
– Jack Monaco, Emmy nominated writer of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, Pushing Daisies, and the graphic novel Book of Lilah

"Bowl of Night is smart, funny, scary, and sexy. It's an entirely diverting tale that whisks the reader back to the early 1970s and from New York City to Europe and the Middle East. This is a trip you do not want to miss."
– Heidi Mastrogiovanni, author of the Lala Pettibone comedic novel trilogy and co-host of the Movies Not Movies comedy podcast

"A fun, sexy, nostalgic romp that leaves the reader wanting more. Kathrin King Segal is masterful at setting a tone that is both organic and entertaining. By all means give Netflix a rest and read Bowl of Night!"
– Sheri Langer, author of Love-Lines (Red Adept Publishing)

Kathrin King Segal